Trained To Go Merch is a streetwear based brand founded on the aggressive mentality that actions determines results. Trained To Go Merch was founded by Ja'Halen Norris, better known as Coach Norris. Ja'Halen is a former Division one defensive back and graduate of Fort Scott Community College and Houston Baptist University of the Southland Conference. He developed the company while studying Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Kinesiology in college.
Trained To Go Merch is Headquartered in San Diego, California. Originally attracting attention first from creating sports content as a senior in high school. Which later turned into creative clothing designs, providing consulting services for athletes, and programs throughout the country. Recently reaching an Independent distribution partnership with brands throughout the country. Coach Norris most recently strolled the sidelines of Nationally ranked St. Augustine HS, where he serves as the Running Backs Coach and assistant recruiting Coordinator. Coach has also spent time writing for SB Nation partnering with Field Gulls, providing a insightful perspective for the Seattle Seahawks. He currently creates content full time that eventually lead to multiple brand ambassador deals through his youtube channel. Samples of his doings are available on the film room tab in the main menu for you to check out.