This branch of the business offers consulting in the four following areas. Professional Athletes, Collegiate Athletes, High School Programs, and High School Athletes. Trained To Go will also be looking to open a state of the arc sports complex's in Dallas, Houston, and San Diego in the near future.

Professional Athletes - We've had a pleasure to assist 100 + professional athletes and counting. Trained To Go Productions LLC has done consulting work majority for NFL guys but not limited. We offer Individual game and season long film breakdown to assist players to improve in areas of their game. We also help compartmentalize their analytics from the film to assist their agents during negotiations. 

Collegiate Athletes - Very similar to everything stated above, but we assure to abide with all NCAA compliances to ensure Eligibility requirements. We assist in the video aspects to compartmentalize for collegiate athletes to have in order to find an Agent after playing their FINAL NCAA Game. Sports Management firms and Agents want to see your digital resume. Unless you are a sure fire draft-able guy it's all about presentation. A good underdog story works from time to time, but it's all about the tape at the end of the day. The eye in the sky doesn't lie. 

High School Programs Week to week Opponents (ODK) breakdown for the Offensive/Defensive side of the ball. Verb-age will be accurate and identical to the the Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Defensive Coordinators teachings. This includes Offensive strength, Backfield, Series, Quarter, Down, Distance, Yard line, Gain, Loss, Hash, Motions, Play Direction, Play Type, and Result.

High School Athletes - Consult and assist with getting guys seen. Unlike the other Recruiting Services that make unrealistic promises of getting guys scholarships, We simply help point you in the right direction. Ranging from play sequences, editing, cutting, and producing. We've watched thousands of "Highlight Tapes" and figured out a formula that helps the College recruiters eyes. You only have their attention so long before it's on to the next guy on the list, so at least make it look professional.